Channel Master 7777 Titan 2 High Gain Preamplifier

CM 7777

The Channel Master Titan 2 (CM 7777) is a high gain/low noise preamplifier that amplifies signals received by your antenna so weaker signals at the antenna are amplified to a viewable strength. This preamplifier is ideal for installations in which all broadcast towers are located at a distance of more than 80 miles.

The Titan 2 High Gain Preamplifier is a two part unit: an outdoor amplification unit which is mounted on the mast of your antenna system and an indoor unit which powers the outdoor amplification unit. The indoor unit is stationed indoors and connects to the outdoor unit via coaxial cable.

  • 2-Part Unit: Outdoor amplification unit / Indoor power unit
  • Channels: UHF/VHF/FM
  • Gain: 30 dB

Note: The Titan 2 High Gain Preamplifier is recommended for professional installers only. Due to the high gain output of this product, it can result in over amplification if not used in the appropriate scenario. Over amplification can cause issues with the television tuner’s ability to receive and display some or all channels.

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