Rohn 25G Guyed Tower Mid Section

RI 25G

This is a standard mid-section for the Rohn 25G guyed tower—designed for efficiency, strength, and versatility. All GT towers are constructed with high strength steel tubing that is hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. Rohn's exclusive Zig-Zag® solid rod bracing provides exceptional strength. Standard tower designs rise to a height of 190 feet.

Rohn guyed towers are installed quickly and are often the choice of broadcast communications tower stations and backbone system providers. The 25G guyed structure originated at Rohn and is the industry standard for lightweight guyed towers.

  • Completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication
  • Built on an 11 1/4 inch equilateral triangle design
  • High strength tubular legs joined by Zig-Zag® cross members
  • Each section contains all required nuts and bolts (shipped with section)
  • Continuous solid round steel bracing

The 25G uses double bolted joints, proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability.

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